Learning should be serious.

Seriously fun, that is!

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I am The Learning Tutor

Hello! I’m Christine and I am The Learning Tutor. Because your child is special and unique, they learn best when lessons are tailored to their individual level. I have some of the very best curriculum options available and they will help your child to be challenged, engaged, and eager to learn. Magical places, memorable characters, scientific discoveries, and exciting time periods are waiting for your student to discover them in the pages of eye-catching textbooks and interactive lessons. But first, the foundation of reading must be strengthened with practice and perseverance and the support of a qualified reading instructor. Fortunately, that’s me (wink, wink!).

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  • Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies
  • Child Development Associate certification
  • Reading Specialist certification
  • 120-hour TEFL certification.


My classroom experience includes Montessori training in a stellar Montessori school along with numerous continuing education modules to maintain state certification. Additionally, Whales English, VIPKID and Magic Ears provided amazing training to prepare me as an online ESL teacher. These experiences have shaped my teaching philosophy to include applying education to relevant life skills such as learning a new language


After my daughters were born, I decided to focus my skills on a smaller scale than the traditional classroom & started my own school. With a limited number of students, I was able to provide a quality education focused on the unique learning styles of each student. This opportunity fostered my own style of teaching that is tailored to each student and focused on success through individualized instruction, individual interaction and sincere, genuine encouragement.

Curriculum Options

Education is a huge investment and you deserve to have a teacher that is just as invested in achieving your learning goals. Whether it’s a 1-1 private class, a 1-2 buddy class, or a quick 25-minute class… there’s an option available for you. .

Additional curriculum options are available upon request..

Oxford Reading Tree

Book Series

Reach Higher

Levels 1-6

Learn Reading for

Challenged and Dyslexic Readers

Learning A-Z

Extension Supplement

Online Private, Partner, and Reading Classes

Class Bundle Discounts Available

25 Minute Private Lesson


  • Ideally suited for young students and beginner students.
  • Materials and supplementary learning resources included in the tuition.

45 Minute Private Lesson


  • Focused learning for the intermediate and advanced student- those familiar with beginning English knowledge.
  • Materials and supplementary learning resources included in the tuition.

45 Minute Partner Lesson

$16 per student

  • Perfect for peer-to-peer-to-teacher learning with a focus on developing peer conversation in an engaging lesson.
  • Materials and supplementary learning resources included in the tuition.

Learn Reading Program

$62.50 per week

  • Classes are one-to-one and meet twice a week, in a safe and engaging online classroom designed to help your student find the confidence and success they deserve. Monthly tuition includes classroom learning time and fun activities to extend the concepts learned in class.

Learning should be seriously fun- start learning today!

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